#1 Patch Notes v.201 - 13.01.2009 von Sakura 22.01.2009 10:35

Item Mall additions
- Union Quest Ticket
Union Quest Tickets will allow a character, who is in a Union to participate in additional Akram Kingdom Union Quests to obtain Union Points for their Union.
These quests will offer a greater reward than those naturally found in-game and combined with the Union Reward Bonus skill will give players an even
greater reward for their efforts! Now is your chance to help the Akram Kingdom and your Union, by participating in these very special quests!
- Box of Enchanted Stones
This box will give 1 random Enchanted Stone.

- [Akram Ambassador] Adalric has been brought in to handle the requests on behalf of King Loderic and the Akram Kingdom. You may find Adalric near
the Junon Polis Fountain in the center of the City of Junon Polis.

- NPC Pein has been promoted to [Mountain Guide]. Congratulations Pein,
its been a long time coming!

- Part-Time Job: Wine Delivery Quest
Level participation has been increased from 20 to 40.
NPC Sharlin will now offer this quest during the nightfall of Zant to users
who meet the requirements.

- Secretly Learning to Drive
Corrected Fighter Clown proof chance for some Fighter Clowns found to not be giving the quest trigger.
Increased Fighter Clown proof chance.

- Keenu's Thread Quest
Added to NPC Kenu for characters level 15 or higher.

- Leonard's Sword Quest
Added to NPC Leonard for characters level 20 or higher.

Faction War
Corrected an issue when more than 100 users join a war.

Bug Fixes
- Items from the Girl and Boy's Snow Suit Giftbox should now correctly
disassemble into a Saturunes.

- Storage and Mileage Storage options have now been added to NPC Arothel
when leaving the Ferrell Guild.

- Various misspellings and clarifications have been made for NPCs and Items.
An example of some immediate noticeable changes are:
"Falchion-Firangi" is corrected to match the weapons held, "Gladius-Firangi"
"Stand Leg" updated to Standard Legs.
"Runihol Leg" updated to Runihol Legs.

- Christmas Presents have been removed from the world drops.

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