#1 Patch Notice v.164 - 24.06.2008 von Sakura 27.06.2008 14:22

Below contains information for the update to version 164 on June 24th, 2008.

NPC Quests:

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses
Added Quest "Ulysses’ Price Chart Delivery" (Level 1~20)

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Seyon
Added Quest "Seyon’s Price Checklist Delivery" (Level 1~20)

[Guide] Lena
Added Quest "Stockpiling Bronze Fragments" (Level 10~18)
Added Quest "Stockpiling Iron Fragments" (Level 16~24)
Added Quest "Stockpiling Silver Fragments" (Level 23~30)

[Guide] Eva
Added Quest "Stockpiling Maple Branches" (Level 25~45)
Added Quest "Stockpiling Konara Branches" (Level 45~65)
Added Quest "Stockpiling Oak Branches" (Level 55~75)

NPC Changes:
Eldeon level restriction has been lowered from level 130 to level 120.
Added Level 30 Weapons & Armors to [Smith] Punwell's Shop.

- An issue when opening certain event boxes or disassembling certain items causing the client to stop responding has been addressed.

- Corrected an issue where the incorrect stone from disassembling level 200 weapons. Niid stones should now appear rather than Hagel stones.

- Multiple NPC dialogue and quest text contents have been corrected, adjusted or enhanced.

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